“No leader has the right to be an amateur when it comes to communication. What great awe for men and women to succeed in the workforce seeing oneself master the beauty and strength of results that winning words inspire.” -Cherry Africa


Uncover the ABCs of Communicating at Your Highest

President Donald Trump. Vocal and brash. The 45th president of the most powerful country in the nation has words flying out like flies from his mouth. His words were labeled reckless by many, shooting out in gustatory fire in search for passion or hatred, yet land to some like a buzz of roaring truth broken free from a long period of silence.

On his 100th day as president, let’s look into how his communication affirms his mastery with words (Trumpetry) or how it confirms what his critics say that he’s all trying too hard to look and sound good but is basically worthless (Trumpery). Is he finally Fired or is he really just beginning to Fire Up?

There is really more to him than just his usual state of ‘emotional outbursts (silakbo) in public. Trump authentically believes he can, he will and when he says so, it is already done. His famous words from ‘nobody can do that like me’ to ‘I will be the greatest ‘jobs’ president God ever created’ during the campaign period displayed a precipitous mindset that has let out in the open elephants in the room a lot of Americans are seeking to resolve. He proclaims his beliefs with fragmented speech using the one-syllable vocabulary of a 3rd Grader (“I am what I am. I am what I am”, “I’m really rich”), matching and mirroring to the majority. He likes to repeat himself (“I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again”) to evoke authenticity and consistency. He doesn’t care if his speech is not 100 percent perfect. Trump would sometimes be heard to ‘stutter’ or to stop in the middle of the sentence as in searching his mind for the proper word(s) to use. Intellectuals might deem this as a negative, but, the way that Trump does this, his imperfection makes him more believable and unpretentious compared to his opponents.

There have been a lot of controversies regarding Trump’s governance. One of which is his determination to deport illegal immigrants. Trump claims victory by being the one brave enough to give a voice to the elephants in the room (“If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t be talking about illegal immigration”). He touched a sensitive nerve and critics labeled him as ludicrous, impractical and racist. Trumpetry or Trumpery? The topic has certainly built a giant wall faster than the rock solid wall Trump wanted to build in the southern border. Distinctly, there are two maps here and it is not the United States nor Mexico’s but two quashing beliefs about Human Being 101.

How Trump became America’s winning messenger is a breakthrough story experts in the communication industry has been scrutinizing and exploring. One way to look at the communication strength (or weakness) of Trump is through NLP. NLP or neuro-linguistic programming is an approach to communication and personal development and is widely used by leaders all over the world in order to make their communication resourceful and eventually, at their highest.

To the observant eye and mind of an expert NLP practitioner, Trump is using a lot of the communication strategies of persuasion to get things done. The way Trump speaks, the words he uses are triggers which make people listen and agree with him no matter how repetitively parrot-like he sounds. A wizard of some sort, Trump can turn an unbeliever to a fan and a trumpery into a trumpetry.