Motivational Rallies. Communication. Leadership. Change Management. Firing Up Team.

Conflict Resolution. Brand Fascination. Strategic Thinking and Decision Making. Sales.

Negotiation. Customer Service. Goal Setting.Critical Thinking and Problem Solving.


Awaken the Inner Fire that Makes Teams Perform at Peak Level

Ignite tour team’s inner fire and unleash your limitless energy to build the most awesome team. There are 5 stumbling blocks in building a highly cohesive and committed team: Absence of trust, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, avoidance of accountability and inattention to results. A team that is able to address its elephants in the room, build powerful cultures, turn around its dysfunctions to awesomeness and ignite its collective promise opens up more possibilities for breakthrough outcomes to happen. We will help you identify your circle of fire and build a compelling and energetic team spirit so that your overall performance results to a highly inspired culture of helping, a leaderful organization with people as its new business model, and a forward charging movement that is enabling, bold and positive.


Team Communication & People Branding Built on Individual Differences

Leaders and teams that are inspiring must be masters of communication and influence. Masterful communicators fascinate their markets and followers who buy their message by simply being brilliant. There are seven powerful personality triggers: Power, passion, mystique, trust, innovation, prestige and alert. You will elevate your uniqueness when you discover your one-two punch combination. By understanding individual differences of people in teams, everyone feels significant and validated. Conflicts are addressed and your weaknesses are overshadowed by your wellsprings.



Discover how you can climb the highest level of leadership amplification with new insights on leaders who are worth following, cultures worth belonging to and work that’s worth doing. Leadership has now evolved from the traditional model focusing on measures and strategy to the more transformative framework, with leadership influence increasing from 1-5 people to 22,500 in the team. Learn how amplified leaders unite people into something greater than their individual competencies and enable the team to engage in legacy work.


Build the Most Awesome Sales Team

Thousands of the world’s most successful sales closers and influencers are actively using the power of the unconscious to smash through their targets. Fire Up Your Sales is a program that trains you on how to generate instant trust and rapport with your customers and makes you a rockstar of influence. The NLP Codes of Awesome provides you with the gateway towards a higher level engagement. You will learn how to be an inspiring storyteller and a master of frames. On a subconscious level, there are certain patterns that people follow because the unconscious mind has designed and placed them to protect us. Once you have activated your sensorial acuity skills and learned limitless sensing, you are able to nail your pitch and close a negotiation or transaction with more ease.


Lead, Inspire and Empower Your Young Team to Prepare them for the Dream Ahead

The Millennials are suddenly flooding the workforce – they are ambitious, career-oriented and are empowered. Yet, even with this strong drive for success, millennials seem to confuse everyone. Fire Up your Millennials demystifies the Millennial Map and provides leaders with a roadmap to work through what others perceive as their “crazy mindsets and behaviors” so they can be managed more resourcefully, be prepared to lead the next generation and take on the awesome task of culture and business building. It takes a whole lot more than just a paycheck to make a millennial committed and loyal to a team. By understanding what they are thinking, feeling and doing, you will learn how to lead, inspire and empower this compelling (and confusing) generation of young workers and set the stage to making them succeed in big measures.


Inspire Creative Ideas, Generate Many and Create Game Changing Breakthroughs at Work

Latest neuroscience findings point to the presence of 3 brains in our body (heard, heart and gut brains) and how they work together to increase intuitive abilities and wiser decision making. Fire Up Your Creativity begins the process of awakening the Head Brain where ideas become potent and where the process of execution actually starts. Ideas are magical and hard to produce. It is frustrating when they don’t show up when you needed them most. However, idea generation is also a process and it is coachable. To produce more, you need to keep practicing creativity and when our subconscious revs up to high energy, you’ll be hit by many “Aha!” moments, one of which may produce your next Breakthrough Idea!

From the fired up hearts of our participants

This is a life-giving and life-changing experience. This is something that I’ll be proud of looking back to in my personal journey. Your curriculum touches an of my life and speaks to my core values. I love every moment of it and there’s nothing else I’d change. Maybe I’ll try to attend a shorter course (if any) as follow-through to the two day workshop. It’s good to sustain the energy and be reminded of what I had committed to do going forward.

I was never the same again. I feel more positive, confident and hopeful that my future is filled with blessings, miracles and passion waiting for me to catch. I feel at peace breaking-free from my past mistakes. I am free. ALPAS!

Joan Marie San PedroCO6 Service Fulfillment - Maybank Philippines

I was struck with awe on the team’s creativity to relate to topics to every day work. It has also affirmed the values I live by and has added more areas for me to focus in being at peak state and influence others as a leader.

Hope that despite all trials there are other ways to succeed I just need to keep trying without hesitation

Neysa GloriaRecruitment Manager - 51Talk Philippines

God you are awesome! Thank you Lord!!! I am just brimming and overflowing with so much love and energy for and from my branch. I love you ALLSTARS!!

Thank you so much for everything idol Cherry Pua Africa and Bernadette Cordero and the whole World Stage International. I am simply struck by God’s awesomeness manifested in of you!

There is nothing more awesome and inspiring than someone who goes out of their y to use their own fire to ignite others. Thank you for giving us a part of yourselves. Thank you for your energy. Thank you for making us realize we are all awesome! God bless you and everyone at WSI. And please continue to do what you are tasked to do, firing up the whole universe and touching lives and eventually the whole world will be engulfed with awesome positive energy.

Llewrenda BrendaBranch Director - AXA Philippines

This is one seminar where I can say, “I’m in AWE”. Lot’s of revelations and discovery, which we can share to others. This is highly recommended to other clients.

The brick break and rebar bending are fantastic experience. I’ve experienced the power of teamwork and trust to make this happen.

Sonny CualterosCEO - Sterling Group