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Coach Cherry hailed as the “Girl on Fire” is known for her remarkable ability to ignite people and teams. She has inspired over 1,000,000 teams, leaders, and individuals in organizations worldwide.

Her keynotes are emotional dynamite which drives transformation fast. Cherry champions three catalysts: the head, heart and gut brains to drive innovation, compassionate leadership and a brave heart at work.

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One Million People Fired Up and Counting


Transformation coach Cherry Africa helps people to be the best version of themselves.
– CNN Philippines

Cherry has committed herself to training thousands of Filipinos in the next years through a reverse engineering mind coaching tool called Neuro Linguistic Programming.
– The Philippine Star

Cherry is one of the most followed Transformation coaches in Asia.
– Mornings @ ANC

Cherry was just awesome, she was full of energy! But the best part was Cherry’s ability to draw everyone out and make everyone participate. No one else can fire up your team as much as Cherry can.

Tina Tan, President of Suy Sing Commercial Corporation

Coach Cherry is freaking awesome!

Dave Ochoa, District Business Manager, Century Pacific Group

People like Cherry are really a blessing in the HR Leaders Industry because you are able to help us and partner with us to be able to bring out the best in people and thank you for doing that patiently with me in SM. I know it is not easy but thank you for making things happen. I am so overwhelmed and humbled by your generosity and your team is simply exceptional.

Fides Tanay, SVP HR, SM Prime Holdings

The first time I attended one of Cherry’s training sessions, I left the room recharged and craving for more. A powerful speaker and trainer. Everything Cherry says comes from the heart. Her passion to excel shows in the way she motivates her audience. Definitely a class of her own.

Diana Dy-Lim, Manager, Our Home SM Group of Companies

[ opposite of Filipino slang “Sana All” ] noun
Everyone Can

is a movement that Coach Cherry passionately champions. It’s an open invitation to all – young or young-at-heart; seasoned pro or fresh face; thriving or simply surviving. It’s about strutting your best stuff in any endeavor and bringing your A-game. When you’re at your best, the best things in life (and work) don’t just knock on your door, they practically make everything possible for you.

Keynote Speaking & Workshops

Peak Performance

Fire up with courage, motivation, and a thirst for learning and innovation to enter the state of peak performance.
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Kickstart the potential of teams and individuals and harness the power of massive energy to drive your results.
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Discover the 5 emergent skills needed to prepare leaders for an ever-evolving future.
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Teamwork and Culture

“Reignite Your Fire and Build Your Best Team Ever".
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Change and Transformation

In a world of AI and constant disruption, adapt or perish.
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Brave and Assertive Communication

A high-performing team gives and receives feedback abundantly.
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The Awakener Podcast

The Awakener Podcast delivers eye-opening insights and compelling anecdotes that challenge the status quo and offer fresh perspectives to help you navigate your messy middles. Cherry’s concise reflections and engaging conversations provide a platform for relaxation, resetting, rebooting, reigniting, reconditioning, and repurposing.

Join us on this transformative journey as we unleash the power of NLP coaching to awaken a brighter and more positive future at the workplace and in life.

Cherry’s storytelling ability can now be enjoyed beyond the stage and boardroom through the books she has penned.

Cherry’s books can be best enjoyed by leaders, sales champions, peak performers, athletes, and entrepreneurs.

Discover “cherry-picked” wonders in pages.