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Life gives us many aha moments.At times, they’re pleasant.Many times, the awakenings are rude. RUDE AWAKENINGS WITH THE GIRL ON FIRE Discover how you can reengineer your mind, language and habits through Cherry’s fast break tips and insights. Enjoy her treasure-trove of insights and powerful punchlines that can help lay the foundation of a more […]

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YOU WANT TO LEAD? READ! The Awakener Podcast The Awakener Book Club CHERRY’S BOOKS Enjoy more of Cherry’s brilliant storytelling in the four books she has written for leaders, salespeople, human resource champions, entrepreneurs, athletes, etc., and be captivated by new insights you have not heard before. This book inspires readers to conquer their fears, […]


“We imagine a world where every corner is awesome.   Awesome is not an anomaly. It has an operating manual and when everything works, the ecosystem which we call culture, becomes one high-performing unit.When you are one, your house is on fire and you will destroy your enemies.” Services Ready for Your Next Breakthrough Transformation?Move […]

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UNLEASH THE REAL YOU. THE RAW YOU. THE BRAVE YOU. THE CREATIVE YOU. RISE YOUR HIGHEST VERSION! MEET THE GIRL ON FIRE Cherry’s Brilliant Fire Inside Chief Awakener of CEOs, MDRTS, Athletes, Top Entrepreneurs and Leaders CEO, World Stage International and Fire University® Masterclass Trainer®, Singapore Global NLP Trainer, NLP University (University of California) Master […]


Edit Content Home About Coach Cherry Services Books & Podcast Rude Awakenings Contact Cherry We desire a world where every corner of it is awesome. THE GIRL ON FIRE Coach Cherry hailed as the “Girl on Fire” is known for her remarkable ability to ignite people and teams. She has inspired over 1,000,000 teams, leaders, […]