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Awaken the fire and talent of ordinary people so they will become extraordinary

Coach people to work cohesively, inspired by a culture that promotes psychological safety, candid feedback, and extreme ownership and pride

Mentor leaders to become flexible and build their best teams

Make every corner of the world awesome


Cherry’s work was doubted by a CEO years back on the madness of focusing corporate breakthroughs by igniting the fire of humans at work. “It is illogical, unsustainable, and too emotional”.

The Girl on Fire persisted ferociously, casting aside the belief that people are expensive and average. She ferociously studied human beings and did every small work she could on the side of awakening talent and teams, and in the process, disrupting old beliefs. Through Coach Cherry’s ferocious determination to push her message for years and by focusing her life’s work on inspiring peak performance, Cherry has built evidences that when people are fired up, work becomes great and in much the same way, when teams are fired up, great work multiplies a hundred times as awesome.

Coach Cherry believes that people are not anomalies, and neither are they expensive to train. She believes that we can scale and sustain human energy and talents, and as we keep inspiring it every day, we get to witness the radical, transformative power of miracles at work, “on the regular”. Cherry’s work gave rise to compelling and brave leadership and diverse teams working harmoniously together. No longer are people just requiring training and development to become better skilled, they are also given coaching, sponsorship, and awakening in organizations so they can become the best talents.

SHE Makes more best days happen

Coach Cherry is at present a full-time coach, trainer, motivational speaker, business consultant, author and BTE® (Best Teams Ever) and Firewalking Trainer.

She has spoken in international conferences in London, Greece, America, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India and The Philippines.

She was given the very first standing ovation at the Global Firemasters Conference in London participated by trainers representing 15 different countries, mostly in Europe.

Cherry was just awesome, she was full of energy! But the best part was Cherry’s ability to draw everyone out and make everyone participate. No one else can fire up your team as much as Cherry can.

Tina Tan, President of Suy Sing Commercial Corporation

Just wanted to take a moment to express my utmost gratitude for your inspiring part in our summit. Everyone was still talking about you and your talk for close to one week! It has greatly influenced my approach to innovation and leadership. The team is still crunching and committed to hit our target this year.

Christian Bryan Dayday, Head of Sales, AboitizLand Inc.

This session helps open that door to unlimited potential. My main takeaway from this is really the power of self. I mean, that if you believe in it strongly, you want it strongly enough, anything is possible. And Cherry's techniques and processes help really enable this kind of belief in people and that's really what I love about this.

Chico Sy, President of SM EDD Corporation

I was very happy with the lessons that Coach Cherry imparted to us and our outputs as a result of this. I think we really needed to be energized as a team and we really needed more creative input so we can serve the Happy Skin consumers even more.

Jacqueline Gutierrez, CEO of Happy Skin Cosmetics

Coach Cherry and the WS team did a fantabulous job in not just designing this program but also running it. They were able to sustain the energy for the whole 2 days. This is a team - building which I believe is different from the others that I've attended. Not just the design, but each facilitator was so passionate about what they were talking about that we can't help but be infected by the passion and energy that they had. This ranks as one of the best, if not the best, teambuilding activities I have participated in. Really, it is a team awakening. Firewalk, Board Break - I feel like a new person - a better version of myself. I realized that my insecurities were limiting me from contributing more, especially as a leader.

Glenn Glinoga, Chief Operating Officer Of Hausland Development Corp. Former Marketing Director Of Pgs, Samsung And San Miguel

Coach Cherry is really the transformation rockstar along with the whole World Stage International because, in just 1 1/2 day, they made us believe we're fascinating, they made us believe that we can transform anything and be better. And they made us believe we can win anything we've put our heart and mind into. Thank you very much to all of you from World Stage International. You're awesome!

Dexter Cuajotor, Vice President and Division Head at Bank of the Philippine Islands

One of the best and admirable speakers!

Raymond Ustaris, Regional Business Development Manager, Century Pacific Group


Trained a million people in Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and other regions in Asia, Europe and America

Awarded Asia's Most Distinguished Woman Leader & Global Leadership Award

Awarded Top 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World

Awarded Top 3 Enterprise Awards, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania

Cited for Work in NLP on Business and Public Service Association of NLP, UK

Podcast Host of The Awakener Podcast, Peak Performance Series

Featured in Daily Inquirer, Phil Star, ANC, CNN, Expat Magazine, Singapore Parents Magazine, Bangkok Post, The Star Malaysia and various radio and talk shows in Asia

Anthony Robbins Youth Foundation Youth Volunteer

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