“We imagine a world where every corner is awesome.


Awesome is not an anomaly. It has an operating manual and when everything works, the ecosystem which we call culture, becomes one high-performing unit.
When you are one, your house is on fire and you will destroy your enemies.”


Ready for Your Next Breakthrough Transformation?
Move faster to where you want to be, with your highest drive and passion
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Keynote Speeches


Executive and Life Coaching


Mind boggling speeches that attack the heart so people will stop overthinking and start changing


Bring Cherry’s energy and wisdom to your events

Allow her power to trigger one of the following conditions to happen

Rack your brain

Change your heart

Fire up your belly

Give your whole team the inspiration they need to take their performance to the next level in your sales and leadership rallies, anniversary and awards celebrations and industry summits. Coach Cherry’s keynote speeches can be from 45 minutes to 3 hours, to a group of 30 people up to “sky’s the limit”. You will never find a motivational speaker more interested in helping your team succeed.


Standard Keynote inclusions





Powerful workshops for small groups to learn new skills on personal development and leadership


Explore engaging workshops IN Fired Up sessions!

Coach Cherry works with a brilliant team of business practitioners and leaders around the world and spends hours curating content with them to deliver the most engaging workshops in her Fired Up sessions.
Certification Courses on Coaching and NLP In Collaboration with The Association for NLP UK and NLP University CA
  • NLP Practitioner Certification Course
  • NLP Master Practitioner Course
  • NLP for Facilitation Certification Course
  • NLP for Business Leaders Certification Course
  • Generative Leadership & Public Speaking Certification Course
Effective team building sessions and culture development solutions that build high-performing and safe spaces where every member of the team contributes in their different strengths
  • Best Team Ever®
  • Brilliant Teams®
  • Brave Teams®
  • Benevolent Teams®
  • awesoME®
Fired Up Workshops focusing on the critical skills of leadership, communication, data storytelling, sales, negotiations, culture building and team building
  • The Fired Up
  • Leader®
  • The Fired Up Coach®
  • Fired Up Data Storytelling®
  • Fired Up Communication®
  • Fascinate Philippines®
  • Fired Up Negotiations®
  • Fired Up Sales®
  • Fired Up Customer Service®

Executive & Life Coaching

Coach Cherry’s Life and Executive coaching are proactive and personalized


There are many NLP practitioners out there but I chose Coach Cherry to be my life coach because of her sincerity and her set of values aligned with mine.

Rubilen “Bingkay” Amit, three-time World Pool Champion

Before I wasn’t confident and couldn't even start a conversation with people. World Stage mentored me to step out of my comfort zone. I have since then presented to an audience of 600 people.

Edward Siman, JR., Entrepreneur, 3rd Runner Up, The Clash Lifestyle Channel

It was a very fun session, never boring. Cherry and her team made the sessions light but very interactive, insightful, and energy-filled.

Marketing - Sardines Division from an FMCG Company in the Philippines

Cherry is an energetic and enterprising business woman with the gift of affirmative persuasion in a calm demeanor. Cherry always brightens up a discussion with her endless creativity. She always takes up a challenge with a positive mindset. With a mind of a strategist, she inspires me to better myself, to have a balance in everything I do.

Genevieve , Entrepreneur & Former GM TSL Jewellery, Hong Kong and Malaysia

Just wanted to thank you for that great healing. I can't remember how many times I privately messaged my sister how many times I teared up with the things you said. I just felt so seen and understood. Everything breathed life into our struggles (and wins!) as a leader during the pandemic. It was truly comforting because it felt like somebody finally understood. It was like talking to a friend but also a coach who was telling us how to heal and move forward.Your reminder that it's okay to build again and just aim to be truly significant even in one or two lives, that will already create a lasting and amplified effect to the empire we will build! For the first time in the

Ysabel Victoria Benitez

I really appreciate Coach Cherry’s insight and wisdom and exceptional ability to inspire and explain concepts and motivate me to apply them by demonstrating why they are important.I really needed to be reminded of my core values and you shared so many things that made so much sense.

Ysabel Say

I live in a universe of infinite potentiality - a full 12-hour training session from one of the best I’ve heard in my career, Coach Cherry!

Marian Goquingco, FWD Financial Planner, FWD Life Insurance Corp. Philippines

We got a lot of life-changing and fascinating lessons on how to build a strong harmonious relationship from this AWE-FULL Cherry and her team.

Kristine Loyola, Human Resources Department, 51 Talk Philippines

First of all, thank you Ms. Cherry and staff for sharing your skills and knowledge with us. It’s a big thank you from my heart.

Vivian G Limpig, Unit Sales Manager, San Miguel Mills Inc.